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Rentango not supported in your database if no property has not been previously visited and photographed by one of our representatives or partner agencies, however Rentango not recommend any particular property and is not responsible for any changes if they occurred in the decoration of the apartments on the site. For this reason, the photos of the buildings have the function of giving the guest an idea as possible about the property offered.

We act as booking agent on behalf of private establishments. We are not the owners or managers of lodging. We do not exploit any of the establishments.
Regarding reserves, the contract is signed with the accommodation provider concerned not to Rentango.
The booking conditions of that supplier will apply to your contract, no responsibility is lost or stolen any object within the period of stay.

We are not part of the agreement between the host or reserving and hosting provider and we have no liability to both with respect to the terms of the contract.
We recommend making sure that the terms and conditions of hosting provider other than the pleasure of reserving or guest before booking, since Rentango not guarantee its contents.
Rentango reserves the right to change its policy terms & conditions at any time, without notice, and the reserving should read this section from time to time to see the changes made in the sector, not responsible Rentango lack of knowledge or information from them.


All prices published on our website have been evaluated by a competent real estate appraiser and include the delivery of the property fully furnished and equipped, in all cases unless otherwise specified include: electricity, gas and municipal taxes as specified cable TV, internet and weekly maid service


In some cases Rentango charge fees, also called administrative costs are $ 40, regardless of length of stay. Applied once for each contract that you made through our company and the department you specify. If you book one commitment or another apartment for two different periods, and both specify this expense, must pay $ 40 for every contract you make.


When specific concerns included phone line for local calls that do not include calls to mobiles or international, in case you need this type of call is the counter in many business calling cards that can be used as supplements to this individual line. In the case where you need the use of a cell that is not specified in the details of the property Rentango request it for rent it. When specifying weekly cleaning and laundry, both will be applied on a longer stay to one week.


The security deposit requested varies in relation to the length of stay and the apartment selected and specified below:

  1. Stay the same or less than 2 weeks: The value of 1 week stay.
  2. Stay between 2 weeks and 1 month: The equivalent of 2 week stay.
  3. Stay of 1 month: The equivalent of 2 week stay.
  4. Stay more than 1 month: The equivalent of 1 month stay.
  5. For extended periods consult.

The deposit is refunded on departure day of the host where the owner or a representative of Rentango will receive the keys after revision inventory and general condition of the property.

 If at the time of departure, the owner or the representative of Rentango consider that during the stay of the damage had been done on the property or missing, the sum will be retained for the replacement or repair of such damage. Where appropriate in which the deposit was not sufficient to cover these expenses, the guest will be obliged to pay the corresponding amount and leaving the premises in good sanitary condition and presentation that was given. Otherwise the owner will have every right to deduct the cost of cleaning required to leave it back in service.


The booking of a property can be paid through the payment of 20% of your stay + administrative costs (if any) as follows: Western Union, Paypal or Deposit / Money Order (the latter two only in Argentina).

On the day of delivery of the property the subject indicated in the temporary contract rate if the owner or a representative will give Rentango after revision inventory and general condition of the property. (See item deposit).
In the case of Western Union Money Orders and should be aware that there are shipping and that they are the responsibility of the applicant. The remainder of the lease payment will be cash on the same day in joint ownership to the signing of the contract.

Reservations made for a certain period of time must be respected. If you up after the original date of the reservation will be obliged to pay from the date reserved, the same way, if for any reason you decided to leave the property before the original date of termination, you not receive a refund of the unused period.


The following measures will be applied for each case depending on the time of cancellation:

More than 30 days before: 10% of the contracted stay + Administrative expenses
30-8 days before: 20% of the stay + administrative costs
7-1 days before: 40% of the stay + administrative expenses

No show or cancellation on the day of arrival:  50% of the stay + administrative costs.


If you wish to extend your stay at the reserved time should communicate contract with Rentango to check the availability of the property and if available will find you will coordinate a meeting to sign contract extension for the additional period needed. If you want to shorten your stay booked through contract while the amounts paid for the rental of the property is not refundable.

Because this is we advise visitors of the site before making any reservations have absolute security and funds for that procedure.


CHECK IN: 14.00 HRS | CHECK OUT: 10.00hrs.

On the agreed day and time, a representative of Rentango will meet you at the rental property to present him the keys and sign the contract. At that time the stay is payable, warehousing and administrative expenses (if any). Rentango offers a free service from Monday to Friday from 9am at 6:30 p.m.
If you want to be received in an apartment outside these hours, please appropriate the situation so that we can make arrangements to receive it. This service has the following additional cost:

EVERY DAY: 7 TO 9 HRS AND FROM 18.30 to 24HRS. USD15.
EVERY DAY: 24 to 7hrs. UDS20.

IMPORTANT: This service must be paid regardless of time of arrival at the apartment. If we had a representative waiting Rentango the agreed schedule, even if you arrive within the time considered free of charge,
must pay the contracted service, as well as if you have coordinated the schedule of check-in within the time considered free but arrive at the apartment in question without fee schedule must pay the additional cost of the service.


To be admitted guests must be of legal age, state your name, ID number and passport showing the relevant documentation at the time of check in, both the host and all the people who remain in the house during the stay engaged, guests will not be allowed to exceed the maximum capacity in the details of the property reserved. In the case where it found more permanent premises will be grounds for eviction by the owner of that property.

Guests must respect the rules of conduct and rules of ownership of the building that they will be informed through the contract during the check-in. The violation of these rules is grounds for eviction by the owner of that property.


If for any reason other than Rentango happened a problem with a property already booked for a guest to the event and who suffers any damage to their services Rentango shall immediately inform the host giving the latter the possibility of relocation to another property with similar characteristics and costs.

Before the event, guests could not continue their stay in the house for damage in the same Rentango or owner guarantees the necessary steps to make arrangement and settlement of the damage and the guest agrees to hold the contract until these actions are performed. In the event that the problem was of such gravity that cannot be solved within a reasonable time, Rentango offer guests the option of relocation to another property with similar features and costs.

In any case Rentango accepts complaints or requests for relocation due outside the limits of the reserved unit by case basis only illustrative but not exhaustive: for with external noise such as: work boundaries, street noises , repairs to the building's common spaces, etc.

If situations occur fortuitous events or force majeure such as storms, disasters, earthquakes, tornadoes, floods or any other act of nature, vandalism, assaults or other events outside the responsibility of owners such as: cuts general level of services by the suppliers or any other event beyond the owner's liability and uncomfortable or prevented them to take the guest's stay in the rental unit, Rentango agrees to take all reasonable steps within its power to collaborate in solving the problem, but in such cases is not guaranteed to host it will not incur higher costs as the difference in rent payment, payment of relocation costs, or any other costs to the resolution that is above and that may incur to resolve the conflict in the pursuit of welfare itself.

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